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Disability ramps  Long Island








There are a number of accessories available to complement the ACORN Superglide Stair Lift. These accessories are designed and manufactured to provide comfortable, practical and cost effective solutions for individuals with additional mobility and physical flexibility difficulties, or sometimes for more complex stair configurations.

Bridging Platform

The bridging platform can offer a quick, cost effective solution to certain types of curved staircase. Good examples are winding turns right at the top of the stairs, or perhaps a turn on a flat landing where there are 2 or 3 steps after the turn.


Pinnacle Stairlift By Harmar

ACORN Stair Lifts: Hinged Rail


Arguably the most durable, user friendly and reliable lift to be designed in the past few years

. • Track only takes up 7.5" of staircase and chair folds to 11" from wall
• Wireless remote call/send controls • Constant-pressure controls stop the lift the instant you release the control
 • Limit switches automatically shut unit off at the top and bottom of the stairs
• Safety sensors on foot rest and chassis stop the lift should it contact anything on the stairs
• Wide, comfortable seat swivels at top landing for safe and easy enter and exit
• Safety switch prevents lift from running when seat is not in proper position
• 350 lbs capacity • Choice of four colors
• DC operated system capable of up to 40 trips in the event of a power outage.


Acorn Stairlift

ACORN Stair Lifts: Sit and Stand Frame Long Island

Sit and Stand Frame

This addition allows the user(s) of the stair lift to choose to ascend/descend the stairs in either the usual seated position or to stand on the footrest, whilst holding onto a special folding steady/security bar for stability. It is ideal for those who may have problems with bending their knees, or where multiple users with different requirements will be using the stair lift.

There is also the Perch Model Stair Lift, which may be suitable.


Seat Belts

Stair lifts can be fitted with either an inertia reel lap harness or static type, 3 point fixing, over shoulder harness.

ACORN Stair Lifts: Seat Belts Suffolk New York
ACORN Stair Lifts: Hinged Rail

Hinged rail

The lower section of the rail folds up and out of the way when not in use, allowing greater access at the foot of the stairs. A good example of the application of a hinged rail is when there is a doorway at or near the foot of the stairs, and where a fixed rail would obstruct the doorway.























































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